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Red Velvet

Vanilla Butter

we also have vegan flavors that change daily!

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fresh fruit smoothies

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Daily Flavors

seasonal "stuffed" flavors

*Warning: you may need a fork!*

we're working on some new flavors, check back soon!

Allergy Info:

Our items are prepared in a kitchen that works with nuts, nut butters, dairy, wheat and white flour, coffees, chocolates, and minimal food color dyes. 

If you have an allergy concern, please contact us first.

We make our smoothies with only the freshest, seasonal, most organic fruit/veg found locally. Our smoothie flavors are picked according to the fruit in season. Our fruit/veg is cut fresh to order. We use fresh whole milks, nut milks and unsweetened yogurts; and only sweeten with orange blossom honey. No artificial colors, flavors, or sugar used. If you do want something sweeter, we may surprise you with one of our cake smoothies!  Available in store only. Flavors change frequently.

$14.70/6 or $27.00/12

Vegan Pricing:
$15.60/6 or $30.00/12

Banana Oat

vegan blueberry banana

14 oz. / $4.95

$11.80/4 or $17.40/6 $23.20/8